Sunday, 9 October 2016

Let's do Science in English

Hello my 5th graders!

After three sessions of Science in English, I hope you have enjoyed very much what we did.

  • First we did a mind map about what is Science for you 

Working with the mind map

Having some fun.....

But, where are the mindmaps???

Have you already finished them??!!

Did you know that there are many scientific words in English that are very similar to Catalan and Spanish?

And here we are... working with "Alex"!

Learning the parts of the Respiratory System!

Can you match all the words with the parts of the respiratory system? You can send me a comment like: "Number 1 is the nose", "Number two is..."

Hey!! Don't miss the next session! We are going to make a respiratory system model and learn how does it work!

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